Readers' Blog: Time to respect result of abortion vote

What are the anti-abortion agitators trying to prove now, given the verdict handed down by the electorate authorising this procedure?

Could it be that their vanity is still getting in the way or that they haven’t read the Christian Bible, wherein it states that there’s nothing new under the sun, meaning that abortion has been here since the year dot and that it came to stay way back then....

Pro-Life protesters outside Our Lady's Hospital in Drogheda

This anti-democratic persistence may have its roots in other considerations as well such as a lack of common sense, a valuable attribute once described by RW Emerson as “genius dressed in its working clothes”.

In a land such as this, long since ruled over by the men and women of the cloth whose population has largely consisted of people imbued with subservience and credulity, we may, at last, be on the verge of this becoming a great country, economically and otherwise.

For that to materialise, however, it becomes necessary to scale down a past that put the emphasis on life after death at the expense of the fulfilment and enjoyment associated with the here and now.

Towards that end, I wouldn’t recommend an agenda of doing it to them before they do it to you again as in Hill Street Blues, although I would be in favour of the idea of sleeping with one eye open and the shotgun primed in readiness just to make sure that nobody decides to take you for an idiot in the course of the new year.

Pat Daly


Co Cork

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