Reader's Blog: Sinn Féin should just go into Westminster

Sinn Féin’s failure to put Ireland’s future ahead of its own past, by taking a pragmatic stance on pressuring the UK government’s fragile majority in Westminster, would almost make one believe they think it is tactically better for them if a hard border develops between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Sinn Féin's president Mary Lou McDonald speaking at Parliament Buildings at Stormont this week. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Rather than SF being the active voice of the pro-Remain majority in Northern Ireland they have deliberately abdicated that responsibility.

In the vacuum, this leaves the DUP projecting themselves as the voice of Northern Ireland. Under new leadership surely the time has come for SF MPs to turn up the heat at Westminster.

As others did before them they should cross their fingers when taking the oath.

The impact would be dramatic. Sinn Féin could change history by rewriting the political balance in Westminster.

Yet one really wonders whether they see themselves as a party of radical change or just one that sits on its hands hoping that a seamless border is impossible to deliver — at which juncture they will seek political gain by criticising everyone, except themselves, for this failure.

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