Readers Blog: Royalties should be collected on gas resources

A standard bottle of gas (11kg or 13kg) which for many people provides either heating or cooking energy or both retails for approximately €14.50 to €18 in Spain.

In Ireland the same cylinder costs €30 plus. Repsol, one of Spain’s largest nationwide fuel energy companies, sell these at their service stations throughout Spain and Portugal. The company is also a junior partner in the Corrib gas field.

Here in Ireland ownership of the Corrib gas field was signed over to the Shell Oil Company by a Fianna Fáil government, the terms of which you would have difficulty in believing. Now Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Independents are perpetuating this agreement.

The late Justin Keating set fair terms for both the company and for the public purse but all his good work was radically changed. An answer as to why our nation, the citizens, our future energy security, and the public purse were treated in such a way by those elected to serve the common good would be interesting.

Even if we did not have ever-deepening crises in care of the vulnerable, in health and homelessness and in many other areas of Irish life this issue should be a top priority for a Dáil debate.

A fair and sensible royalty for every cubic foot of natural gas from the Corrib gas field and all such fields should be levied, by legislation, at the point of production. The Corrib gas field is estimated to contain up to one trillion cu ft of natural gas (1,000bn). Canadian, Norwegian and Spanish companies (Repsol) are now partners with Shell in this field.

Joe Brennan


Co Cork

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