Readers' Blog: Publish full report on FitzPatrick trial collapse

While the new Corporate Enforcement Authority — to replace the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) — with more powers is to be welcomed, it is still not good enough for the attorney general to simply rule or advise that the report into the role of the ODCE in the matter of the Sean FitzPatrick IBRC trial should not be published due to “potential difficulties with the Companies Act and fears the file could reveal how the ODCE operates”. These are the very reasons why the report should be published in its entirety.

For too long corruption and negligence in high places demonstrated by scandal upon public-confidence-draining scandal has resulted in the increasing subjection of the lower tier of this two-tier society together with continuing austerity, not to mention the huge drain on the public purse. The public are not fools and will be able to read, and decipher, the language used in the explanation as to precisely why the attorney general feels the Companies Act might be compromised and, just as importantly, precisely why and how the ODCE so abjectly failed in its task to protect the citizens.

Absolute transparency, accountability, and sanction is the only route to social justice and democracy. To believe otherwise is naive in the extreme and will only lead to social instability in the future.

Joe Brennan


Co Cork

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