Readers' blog: Look to the past to make decisions on the future

In terms of the ongoing events in relation to Brexit, it seems a terrible irony that the negotiations for Britain to leave have coincided with 100 years since the ending of the First World War and things have come to such a point so soon after armistice day.

The European Union as exists today was born out of the First and Second World War in order to create a framework for peace, harmony and co-operation among the nations of Europe.

It does not seem apt or fitting that the same people whom wore poppies so proudly or partook in commemorations to honour and celebrate the brave soldiers and pay homage to the innocent victims of those two wars should also be so vigorous and determined to break away from the very same institution since conception, in the guise of the EU, which has resulted in a closer, prosperous and agreeable Europe.

It surely goes against the memory and respect afforded those individuals that died in First and Second World War in order to largely protect Europe and the countries within to now dismiss the EU as has been done by British and DUP politicians in aiming to achieve a Brexit regardless of consequence at this stage.

It’s possibly time for these same politicians, in consideration of the future, to perhaps look to the past and consider that what the poppy emblem represents.

Ciarán Bouse

RiverstickCo Cork

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