Reader's Blog: Irish should not be disregarded

Columnist Daniel McConnell’s opinion on the Irish language was pointed out to me this week. 

It was pointed out by one of my passionate Irish secondary school students. 

It has opened up conversations on how much Irish is disregarded in some groups in society. 

It has lead to a discussion on the positives of the Irish language, and a discussion of how reporting and propaganda can influence one. 

I want to thank this journalist for his stereotyping on the language, and is inaccurate criticism of Irish.

His comments that Irish is spoken the least in the greater Dublin area is very much amiss. 

His statement “the system is enslaved to the die-hards”,is farcical. 

His obsession with how the teaching of Irish should change seems based on his egotistical observation of how Irish is used or not used in the Dáil by TD’s, and during parliamentary matters. 

Well, hell’s bells Daniel, Irish is just not locked into what politicians do! 

Irish is spoken widely around this country, and your prejudice is outdated. 

You now join a long list of journalists that have called for a change to how Irish is taught, using unreliable truths to do so. 

Mar a deireann an seanfhocal, ní mar a shíltear a bhítear.

When Fine Gael misguidedly called for Irish to be made a subject of choice in 2010, the people of Ireland, of all ages, stood strongly against this move in great numbers. 

Fine Gael quickly abandoned this policy. 

Instead of attacking from the sidelines with inaccurate points, maybe embrace the language. 

Fág gleann na nGealt thiar. Bíonn siúlach scéalach.

Seamús Ó Raghallaigh

Mount Merrion

Co Dublin

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