Readers Blog: Ireland should take in more refugees for their safety

A matter which seems to be engulfing a lot of countries, today, is the issue with refugees and migrants.

I do not know how the Government is dealing with these problems, I don’t believe that refugees should be regarded as a problem in so far as they are leaving their own countries to avoid being killed. We should take in as many as we can.

This would not be the first time we took in refugees. In 1956 (I was 12 years old), Hungary was invaded by the Russians, as they felt Hungary was edging away from Russia. The Hungarian refugees were housed in Ireland, at the Irish Forces Kilworth Camp, Co Cork.

As for migrants, who leave their countries to have a better standard of living, this happened to Irish people too when many emigrated to England, as there were no jobs here. Fords of Dagenham was pretty popular with the Irish, and some settled there, and never came home.

Migrants were attracted to Ireland during the Celtic Tiger era. Professional people like doctors would be most welcome. I don’t know what the Irish policy is towards migrants. It’s said that charity begins at home, but it should not stop there.

I think Ireland’s turn to bring in migrants is now but I would like to know how the migrants affect social welfare payments, housing, jobs, the health service, etc.

As we have those problems here ourselves.

As an individual with no connection to the Government (I am retired) I don’t have the answer. I’m in two minds about them, as any migrant I have met are all very nice people, and as I have no authority to bring them in or out I welcome those who are here already. I believe in ‘live and let live’.

And then, that brings us to our security and neutrality. I am aware that Isis is about finished abroad — and these are people we don’t want. Should Ireland allow US military to land at Shannon Airport, on their way to war zones?

In Germany, Angela Merkel is the leader of a new coalition government — this time because some people did not agree with her ‘Open Door’ policy to migrants. I think her motivation was in some way to make up for Adolf Hitler’s policy of genocide.

I am sure there is food for thought here.

Bernard Naughton



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