Reader's Blog: Good Friday pub move not welcome

I wondered as I listened to a licenced vintner spokesman advocating that the opening of pubs on Good Friday would be good for everyone, including in his list, tourists, government, and Revenue. Will it be good for the poor unfortunate families of alcoholics, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, who wait in dread of an extra night they must wait in fear of what condition a loved one will appear home from the local pub?

I listened as a radio carried out a poll on whether pubs should open or stay closed on Good Friday and the result was 94% voted that they should stay closed. So where is the call coming from? I believe it is from the big super pubs, not from the general pub owner who is denied another day’s rest or to carry out some renovations.

Will those who will now have to report for work in pubs on the day be paid extra? Or given another day off? I would doubt it, as the spokesman’s reply was “they already have two days off each week”.

I believe it all comes down to greed and I wonder will the greed of those responsible for bringing about this change, be able to shield them from any death or serious injury inflicted by any person leaving a pub on Good

Friday. In such a case, I will not hope they sleep with a clear conscience.

Tony Fagan


Co Wexford

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