Reader's Blog: Disgraceful response to treatment of the innocent

Baby shoes outside the Tuam Mother and Baby Home.

It is opportune that the report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes should be published during Holy Week when another unjust crucifixion, that of innocent babies and children, occurred at these homes.

Your editorial mentions ‘amnesia’ by so many involved but the ‘amnesia’ is probably a deliberate subterfuge.

Just like the clerical sex abuse scandal, the cover-up involved in the Bessborough and Tuam homes is more reprehensible than the actual behaviours of the nuns involved in the actual management of these so called homes.

The connivance of Galway County Council in this shameful episode in our nation’s history and their lack of response to the Commission’s inquiries is equally blameworthy.

While there is a great outpouring of emotion over the destruction by fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, Irish people have greater reason for burning with grief over the inhumane treatment of thousands of our innocent children who died and were buried without proper human dignity.

Brendan Butler

The Moorings


Co. Dublin

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