Readers' Blog: Climate change claptrap a waste of time

Is David Attenborough the new Al Gore, whose every word we are expected to take as gospel truth from the bible of codology?

The human race has already passed its sell-by date for survival on planet Earth. We are estimated to have made double figures in the living stakes compared to most other species who (apart from some reptiles) only stay safe for about 200,000 years before they shuffle off to extinction. We are doing better than most, so take heart and every breath allocated.

Planet Earth is going to continue for another four billion years at least, they tell us — with or without us.

Natural evolution will see many changes to our globe before then, and it will have nothing to do with what humans were doing in the preceding few billion years ... because humans will be long gone by then, through nature’s habit of natural selection.

Give over with the glib arrogance that climate change is down to men and women who today are just going with the flow and coping as best they can. It is always those with more time and wealth we are told to listen to ... egged on by dubious scientific claims that all is lost because they say so.

People are responsible, good citizens of this world who concentrate on getting from the cradle to the grave with a decent lifespan in between.

We are not concerned by high-faluting nonsense about there being matters more important than our individual lives which are very full with our real concerns and loves in our short time here.

We settle for this and have not the time for the self-importance of proponents of pseudoscience.

Buzz off with the false lecturing on matters we never think of because living keeps us busy and always hopeful, so desist with the gloom and doom from well-salaried, childish apocalyptic speculators.

Robert Sullivan


Co Cork

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