Readers' blog: City planners reducing Cork history to rubble

Cork has been mismanaged by city planners. South Main St is the most stupid place to build an events centre. 

The street leads onto the bottom of Barrack St, so there is nowhere for traffic to go. 

The events centre will cause chaos. It hurts me deeply how much of the old city is being demolished and that horrible, soulless, corporate glass boxes are going up everywhere.

Proposed Cork Event Centre

Much of the historic city has been razed. The Beamish brewery was the oldest business in Cork when Heineken bought it. 

The Counting House was a beautiful addition to the city. It has been knocked (though the facade was retained). Is nothing sacred in Cork?

The city council encourages demolition of old buildings. Witness Navigation House, on Camden Quay, beside The Sextant: also knocked. 

The beautiful old railway buildings beside the train station have been demolished. 

City Hall seems to have no interest in heritage. It was a shame they allowed the Port of Cork buildings to be sold to developers.

There has to be a change of mind to encourage owners to renovate old empty buildings, and to give tax breaks to property owners to do the same. 

There are many beautiful, empty, Georgian and Victorian buildings in every town in Ireland.

It seems planners have no interest in encouraging old building renovation, nor have they any concept of the beauty, heritage, or culture of our city. 

Planning in Cork is designed for the property developers and corporate sector. 

The historic parts of the city, Shandon, Barrack St and Blackpool, are examples of the disgraceful neglect by Cork City Council.

If we trust these people to design our new city, it will be full of multinational chains, selling produce made outside Ireland and generating profits to be sent elsewhere.

I just wish there was more love for, and appreciation of, the skills and craft that went into designing and constructing our older buildings in Cork.

The planners are responsible for the appalling contemporary architecture in Cork, which is ugly and cheap. 

Lavitt’s Quay, Merchants’ Quay, and Mahon Point, and shopping centres in Douglas and Blackpool, are all examples of extremely ugly buildings that have no harmony with their environment or local architecture.

John Adams

Rahilly Street


Co Cork

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