Readers' Blog: An old wrong doesn’t make a right now

Am I surprised by the Government’s decision to spend well over a million euro on spreading the good word of the 2040 plan through regional and national newspapers without a hint that it was a paid advertisement?


More shocking, however, is the answer our Taoiseach gave to this query, where he seemed to indicate this was a well-used Fianna Fáil tactic from years before, so where was the problem?

Now maybe I have missed something but using another’s wrong to justify your own wrong actions is hardly a robust argument and is definitely not justification for spending taxpayers money on what are in reality party political broadcasts.

Mr Varadkar has strayed far from the once-high ideals of his New Politics promise and seems to be quite content to be more Old School Retro Politics. For more details, see local press.

Brian Walsh


Co Waterford

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