Reader's Blog: Abortion legislation goes too far

We have had many referenda in this country which are usually put to the people in very vague terms. 

The full extent and future consequences are never clearly explained by those pushing their political agenda.

A recent case in point is the abortion referendum, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of the people, with Ireland being the only country in the world to introduce abortion based on a public vote. 

The majority of the people who voted for, or against, did so out of what they considered good intentions, but based on the proposed legislation that is presently being debated, the proposed outcome appears to be allowing for an extremely gruesome and a rather barbaric procedure which was not envisaged.

Of the 180 or so amendments proposed against the Government’s legislation, only one has been accepted by Health Minister Simon Harris, that being the removal of the word woman and replaced by person, which in essence gives the impression that our deluded politicians from all the political parties think that men can become pregnant. 

We were always led to believe that our abortion would be for the so-called hard cases and that the procedure would be simple and as humane as possible, but the opposite appears to be the case as our Government is refusing to allow pain relief to be administered for late-term abortions.

It appears that not only do our Government and the other political party members wish to enact legislation to kill unborn children, but they want to make sure the innocent victims suffer as much pain as possible in the process by refusing pain relief and medical intervention where possible. 

This is beyond barbaric and it is especially disappointing that Fianna Fáil is supporting all this when it has the power to bring some sense of compassion into the debate.

It appears that our political leaders have lost all sense of reason and compassion on many aspects and have become unconscionable, amoral, and unspeakably cruel.

Christy Kelly


Co Limerick

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