New Land Development Agency is another ploy to line pockets of developers

The Land Development Agency is a vehicle for privatisation of public land, yet another Fine Gael ploy to line the pockets of developers.

A Land Development Agency was a good idea in principle, but, as currently proposed by Fine Gael, will in fact just be another mechanism to sell off public land to private developers.

The Labour Party was speaking out of both sides of its mouth — it was alarmed by the proposal to “flog off” land to private developers while at the very same time its councillors in South Dublin County Council have voted and are supporting the plan to flog 70% of the publicly owned Kilcarberry lands to private developers!

The Land Development Agency is dressed up as a new plan to deliver homes — in effect it will only serve to line the pockets of the private developers and will mean council housing is relegated to the crumbs from the rich man’s table.

A Land Development Agency is a good idea but it should be focused entirely on building public and affordable housing on public land and acquiring vacant and disused homes, buildings, and sites from private developers and land lords who are sitting on acres of land waiting for the prices to rise.

We need a radical new policy from the Government that is entirely focussed on delivering public and affordable housing; there is no need for more unaffordable homes.

It is abundantly clear that Rebuilding Ireland is not working, the new Land Development Agency is just the same old policy that we have seen from this Government and the previous Fine Gael-Labour coalition and will not solve the housing emergency.

Richard Boyd BarrettPeople Before Profit TD

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