Letter to the Editor: Young sporting talent needs to progress

Letter to the Editor: Young sporting talent needs to progress

Rebel county we may be, but Rebel Army we are not. In fact, looking at ourselves in the main sporting fields at present, “Southern Fried Chicken” would be a better description.

Cork GAA who like to think they are the real Rebels can think away. What they are not is champions.

I do not wish to negate the recent success of the minor and U20 group of lads in their respective All-Ireland wins.

However, these plausible victories should not be used to mask over what is really needed — senior titles. We all should know that 80% of these young players will not make it into a senior dressing room.

I suggest that the under-age coaches would educate their young charges in the areas of discipline, sacrifice, and commitment and that they are only on a journey to what could be the start of a senior career for some.

Encourage but do not lose sight of reality and the main objective ie winning an All Ireland in a senior jersey.

Hopefully, the new CEO will create forward-thinking administrators and talent can be identified without the criteria of “who you are and who you know”.

Cork City FC, a club close to my heart, and playing in Europe for the last five years with the financial benefits of participation. What happens? A run of poor results, boardroom change over, and change in management. Wham!

Good luck to the new board and management but unless the slide can be halted, the support that has doubled will fall away fast.

People will not buy into words and promises these days, they want success and now. Surely European involvement for five consecutive years and the additional money it brings should secure the dressing room standards achieved to play in Europe.

Failure to deliver results could see hand-clapping rather than support noise coming from the Cross.

As for Munster Rugby, admittedly not a wholly claimed Cork Rebel but still a huge Cork influence and support.

More talk about staff and player movement than winning a trophy. Say what you like standards are dropping on the field and who were once the kingpins of European competition are struggling to get to the finals these days. No genetic history of support in the fan base “a la professional era”.

Freefall could happen if standards keep dropping. Talking about World Cup achievements is cuckoo land talk if the bread and butter conveyor supply is getting weak.

The way to solving any problem is accepting that there is a problem. Slow to identify this and the supporters will quickly tell you through the obvious.

If the menu does not change, the cash tills could stop making noise. Stadiums quiet and sponsorship lost. That is sport when you are not at the top.

-Jim HennebryBlackrockCork

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