Letter to the Editor: Time is right to have poll on Ireland’s reunification

I firmly believe that the time is right in Ireland to have a border poll, ie, a referendum of whether people in all of Ireland want to: 1. Keep the border, or 2. Get rid of the border.

I believe the people in both North and South will vote firmly to be rid of the border forever. All the many recent polls and surveys support this view. 

The most recent survey by Empathy Research published this month shows 62% of people in the Republic are in favour of a united Ireland, while 28% of people are against a united Ireland. People don’t want the border; in fact, many detest it.

It’s a fake — an artificial contrivance and a divisive abomination that has caused untold human misery and suffering for almost a century. The suffering of the plain people of Ireland.

It is a thorn in the side of peace, co- operation, our economies, and, most of all, the onward march of the Irish nation.

A border poll is firmly provided for in the Good Friday Agreement, which locks our Irish Government legally in.

The reunification of Ireland is natural and inevitable. 

It is the only way to have peace and prosperity in all of our beloved country, the dream of all our forefathers, the endeavours of whom we celebrate in these centenary years. 

Not for decades has the time been more right to unite Ireland and allow it to take its rightful place among the nations of the world. Even Theresa May sees a united Ireland as the most likely outcome of a no-deal Brexit.

Politicians here in the south are absolutely fearful of even mentioning a united Ireland. Why are so many of our political leaders afraid to put the reunification of Ireland firmly on the national agenda for discourse?

Why not have a national forum on it?

Why not openly and maturely discuss this most important prospect, the dream and ultimate vision of all of our forebears — the reunification of Ireland?

Richie Fennessy

Co Tipperary

This reader's opinion was originally published in the letters page of the Irish Examiner print edition on 13 May 2019.

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