Letter to the Editor: Maintaining social distance is still very important

Letter to the Editor: Maintaining social distance is still very important

This is really a letter to the public. I see you out jogging, cycling and walking. I am very conscious of the 2m rule — which is 6.5ft for those of you who don’t know. 

We have been cocooning for weeks and I was only able to take my extremely vulnerable son out two weeks ago. We haven’t gone out every day, some days are just too busy. 

I live beside a canal walk which is lovely. The path is probably just about 2m wide so it is impossible to pass people allowing the 2m distance, but at least some people try, maybe 50%. 

Then there are others who are too selfish to realise that there are people who are at risk of this virus.

Some of those probably think that families like mine should just stay at home; we did that for seven weeks. The over 70s, the elderly, the vulnerable, and people with underlying conditions are all equally entitled to go for a walk “safely” but not everyone seems to think so.

If you are a jogger please don’t jog in between two people trying to social distance; if you’re a cyclist stop cycling two abreast when passing others; if you are walking with someone else you must go in single file when passing others. 

It’s very simple. But as usual the “weak” and “vulnerable” don’t seem to matter to a lot of people. My son matters. He has fought his whole life to be here and doesn’t deserve to be put at risk by ignorant, selfish people.

So do your bit: Stay 2m away when exercising outdoors.

I don’t want to see another wave of this deadly virus. We will have enough on our plates with flu and measles. Our health service will not be able to cope with this in autumn and winter.

Aisling McNiffe


Co Kildare

This reader's opinion was originally published in the letters page of the Irish Examiner print edition on 18 May 2020.

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