Letter to the Editor: Am I hearing right? All rise and follow Charlie

I write with somewhat shock and yet gratitude for the announcement this week by Fianna Fáil’s Charlie McConalogue, Donegal, who stated:

"There has been much public concern expressed around the welfare of animals farmed for fur in recent years.”

It sure is a sign of the times, considering this party rubber stamped much of the wretched fur farming operations in Ireland for many decades where hundreds of thousands of fur-bearing animals were gassed to death in order to supply a coat on someone’s back.

Ireland certainly has come along way and that was evident with the passing of marriage equality and removing Ireland’s harmful Eighth Amendment.

I firmly believe we are on the road to the next big referendum, but this time it will be for animal rights, the only difference, however, will be that we won’t have to go to a polling booth to cast our vote for compassion over cruelty, it will merely be a simple case of being a more compassionate and kind shopper in our fashion choices.

Surely that will be a win-win for all.

- John Carmody

Carew Park


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