Election 2020 is Ireland’s Trump moment

Election 2020 is Ireland’s Trump moment

Nobody saw Trump coming; nobody saw Brexit coming; nobody saw Sinn Féin coming. Shell-shocked media like headless chickens don’t know what happened or what to do or where to go.

It was the media’s duty to look at the real underlying causes of economic upheaval but they failed miserably. Bland discussion with gravely mistaken usual “experts” who never understood what happened in 2008 and are still in denial was the media’s entire agenda.

As long as there is a denial of how greatly technology changed economics, the worst is still to come. It is to be hoped the media will now prove adequate for the task.

Election 2020 is Ireland’s Donald Trump moment; its Brexit shock horror decision; its moment of revolt against those who serve only the establishment.

The little guys have risen and rebelled; they are not going to continue electing conventional establishment government to bend the knee to multinationals and vulture funds while the “lowly” Irish languish and die on hospital trolleys or while many, unable to buy a home, pay rack rents to cuckoo funds or commute for hours to contracted jobs with very little security, entitlements or pension rights.

The establishment never understood nor wanted to understand how greatly modern technology changed the whole economic scene and how inadequate present ideology is to spread the benefits to all, and allay the fears of those abandoned by market forces because they are needed less and less in commercial distribution chains or automated workplaces.

Media has for 12 years refused to debate the real causes and impacts of technological change. They rely entirely on ill-informed and gravely mistaken economists and politicians to peddle the rubbish that 2008 was just another “recession” and that we are now in “recovery”.

What we experience is “remission” from the realities of technological economics and 2020 election results is the underlying malady of ill-advised policy breaking through. Just like the US and Britain, those in politics, economics and media who deny unprecedented economic change are on the run.

There has been a refusal for 12 years to seriously discuss the unprecedented economic impact of modern technology.

There had better be a change of tune before being swept away by those abandoned by inadequate ideology and cast on the scrapheap of business failure, impending unemployment, insecurity, dependency and despair.

Politics and the media have failed those people in eagerness to serve establishment markets and masters and we will all pay a sorry price if denial persists.

The technological achievement will out; it will not be denied and you ignore it at your peril.

- Padraic Neary


Co Sligo

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