Readers' Blog: We have entered era of eugenic euthanasia

The era of eugenic euthanasia is upon us, since we have cleared the way for elective abortion, the wholesale termination of the vulnerable youngest.

The people have responded to political chicanery, media distortion and disingenuous ‘expert’ interpretation of a seminal social issue, which is rooted deep in the core of decent humanity.

A fundamental human right has now been obliterated, sacrificed on the altar of hedonism, placing personal convenience above any moral or ethical consideration.

A risk-free zone now operates for all, supposedly.

All can now be “resolved”.

We have the pills for STDs, and vaccinations for cervical malignancy (at least partial), although HIV still remains a tough one... but we’ll get there (perhaps).

The surgical supply of termination paraphernalia will now be in free-flow, the profiteering from embryonic body-parts will surge, the screening clinics of those erstwhile “masters of maternity” will be full to the brim.

Filthy lucre is where it’s at.

There’s nothing quite like ultra-liberal populism to get us going, marching along in tandem with a trumpeted clarion of illusion.

We don’t have to think for ourselves anymore.

We just trot along with the bias of blanket media pseudo-balance and sign up to collude with the jamboree.

Street action is the elixir of the liberating liberated.

The intoxicating dynamism of the crowd-think has zero competition.

We can just chant away our independence of thought, and soak up all the emotive narrative and fibs.

Be off you naysayers.

All sounds remarkably like the church-state of yesteryear!

The weathervane politicians, whose abrupt, Damascene enlightenment pushed the cause well over the line, consider only the uncertain electoral winds and the volatile breezes of popularity.

No time for the unborn citizens of the future, since they’re irrelevant to the polls for many a year to come.

Politics is a game of now, not then.

Safe driving to all, but beware of the tricky route ahead.

But no worries, as there will no invigilators to impede progress.

After all, the statutory forces, investigative media, and political and judicial systems are all compliant...

The only worry will be that ethical cohort of medics (if they still exist), but no doubt their palms will be ‘doctored’ to taste.

Sorry Hippocrates, it was nice knowing you for all those years.

PJ Cosgrove

Chapel St


Co Waterford

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