Reader's Blog: Trump shows his political skills against the Democrats

Trump shows his political skills against the Democrats Robert Mueller, he of the unimpeachable credentials, darling of the Democrats and scourge of Trump, has, after an investigation lasting nearly as long as Ken Starr’s against Clinton, found Trump innocent of all charges. Unimpeachable even.

So now what do the Democrats do? Continue to flog a dead horse and run the very serious risk of alienating not only the Trump hardliners, but reasonable middle of the road Americans as well. Or back off and resort to discussing the issues.

I recently wrote that only Beto O’Rourke could possibly take on Trump and win in 2020. Now I am not so sure, especially as O’Rourke is also continuing like the headless chickens of the rest of his party, in spite of all, to turn over every stone in an attempt to nail Trump on Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

Trump has not been the perfect president: he has torn up the Iran treaty, has provocatively approved the transfer of the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, and listens to hawks like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams who want to invade Venezuela.

Yet he has made sensible and positive moves by talking to North Korea and by seeking detente with Russia.

No amount of wishful thinking by the West is going to defang Putin. He is armed to the teeth with as many if not more nuclear weapons than the US. Europe gets 40% of its energy from Russia which is quite entitled to defend its patch in Crimea and Ukraine, as the West is entitled to spread its sphere of influence to Cuba and other contiguous territories.

But it was Russia which defeated Islamic State and it has now so many powerful emerging countries pivoted towards it, such as China, India and Turkey, that it is nothing short of international suicide for the West to think it can control it.

Trump sees this clearly. As such he is a far-seeing figure like Eisenhower and Nixon before him in foreign policy matters.

He may be crude and vulgar but he is a politician of estimable skill and if the American economy continues to improve he will be extremely difficult to beat in a little over 18 months time.

Maurice O’Callaghan


Co Dublin

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