Readers' blog: EU needs a secure political pendulum

It’s like someone is trying to pull the pin from the fulcrum in the political pendulum so it skews off balance or breaks, so that the discourse is altered.

It seems easier regarding skewing to send it off balance towards the right.

Pulling a large cohort of Social Democrats from the EU via Brexit is one of the strategies likely to help generate vacuums in politics in parts of the European Union and in the UK for instance that enable the extreme right to enter discourses offering “populist” concern for citizens who feel beleaguered and who would have been expecting support through social Europe and through Social Democrats.

If the political pendulum can be reset now skewed off to the right then the paradigm shifts from left, centre, right to right, far right, extreme right, altering political discourse.

A possible result would be emergency of chauvinist demagogues sucking away political discourse replacing it with brutal, extreme, right, narrow regimes, liable to attack other nearby states.

That is likely if the European Union were to succumb to thuggish assaults. Cyber-attacks on public representatives, far-right “think-tanks” in pursuit of non far-right deputies through electorates in constituencies, personal attacks in media on the internet would be some of the bag of tricks used.

Other large social-economic blocs would take advantage of the ensuing chaos. The EU and its neighbourhood need the pendulum secure.

Tom Ryan


Co Limerick

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