The environment: Flushing fatbergs

Most people are aware of the need to protect the environment and many take measures to ensure they do not cause damage through pollution or being careless when it comes to the disposal of waste.

Regardless of the law, it is now considered utterly unacceptable to leave rubbish on beaches or in parks or to use smokey coal in fireplaces.

Yet, even the most committed environmentalist may not be aware that protecting the environment extends to the kitchen. 

A recent survey revealed that 85% of people living in Ireland dispose of food down the kitchen sink.

A joint campaign by Clean Coasts and Irish Water notes that pouring gravy, fat, oil or grease down the sink can create what is known as a “fatberg”, an accumulation of household waste that can block drains and sewers.

As Easter approaches and with Sunday roasts on the menu, the campaign serves as timely reminder to take greater care when disposing of kitchen waste. 

Fatbergs can do a lot of damage, but they are completely avoidable.

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