Swiss mist

Michael O'Leary

An especially interesting gathering was held at the weekend by a Swiss lake. 

It was the annual Bilderberg meeting, an institution created in 1954 “for informal discussions designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America”. 

It’s really interesting because its discussions are protected by a degree of secrecy matched only by the conclave of cardinals that elects popes.

All that we Not Very Important Persons beyond the castle walls are permitted to see is the list of attendees, and their agenda items. 

Participants this year included chaps from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft’s chief executive, the governor of the Bank of England, France’s finance minister, Nato’s secretary-general, Mr Trump’s son-in-law, and Henry Kissinger. 

Ireland was represented by finance minister Paschal Donohoe and Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary. 

Their 11 topics ranged from The Future of Capitalism to The Importance of Space, taking in Brexit, Russia and A Stable Strategic Order. 

No clues about their profound thoughts will reach us, just as last year nothing about their chat on Populism in Europe was reported. 

Perhaps the great thinkers spent time talking about the suspicion that the world was being run not by elected governments but by secret cabals of global elites... and looking in the mirror.

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