Opportunism: Corrupting compo culture

A justice system without, or diminished, integrity quickly becomes a liability to the society it was established to protect. A system that does not radiate objectivity and commonsense quickly becomes an object of suspicion and eventually derision. It need not be corrupt but if it is incomprehensible and persistently peculiar in its rulings then the rot has set in.

We have not, thankfully, reached that point with the entirety of our court system though how that system deals with compensation cases suggests that one standard of credibility applies in our courtrooms and another in the real world. The-dog-ate-my-homework arguments are routinely advanced and accepted more often than not. There is hardly ever a suggestion that an absence of personal responsibility might be the pivotal issue in a person’s misfortune.

This fiasco cannot stand without the judges and the legal professions but these actions are a reflection of a shabby opportunism all too common — an opportunism often driven by fantasy and dishonesty. It’s time to end this spin-the-wheel bluffing posing as justice in action. Enough!

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