More please - A million and counting

Efficient, stress-lite transport systems are increasingly recognised as an essential part of sustainable city living. 

A choked, gridlocked city is not only environmentally destructive, it challenges the wellbeing, physical and emotional, of anyone trapped in its maze of streets. Such a city is a less-than-optimal setting for business, too: consumers will stay at home and shop online rather than face a traffic nightmare.

One of the ways cities try to ease that choking bind is by establishing bicycle lanes and bicycle share schemes. The million-users milestone has just been passed by Cork city’s bicycle share scheme. This is a most practical and popular endorsement of a scheme that can make a spectacular contribution to the “liveability” of cities.

Motorists may sometimes struggle to be as generous as they might be when sharing road space with cyclists, but that is just one of the changes, like expanding pedestrianisation, that those who of us use cities will have to embrace — especially as the shared bicycle seems to have a far brighter long-term future than the private car.

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