Coping with weather chaos - A job well done

Over the last week, we were all reminded most firmly of how very vulnerable we are to extreme weather events.

Heavy snow brought the country pretty close to a standstill and even if other countries cope more heroically with these type of events — because they are far more used to them — the public services always thrown into the frontline on these occasions deserve thanks and gratitude.

Their often selfless efforts stand in stark contrast to the disdain shown by some airlines and airports for travellers left high and dry because their flights were cancelled. Stories about travellers taking days to complete pretty basic journies abound and add to the lengthening list of reasons to avoid air travel if at all possible.

Those who, despite boy-who-cried-wolf derision, stuck to their guns and gave warning after warning about the severity of what was to come deserve special thanks and congratulations. Without their professionalism the situation would have been even more unpleasant and it may be even probable that lives might have been lost. All in all, a job well done.

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