Celebrating books and reading: Power of words

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It is not necessary to have a dark view of our world to imagine that humanity is becoming a subservient adjunct to ever-more incongruous, unavoidable technology.

That view, however, can be countered by considering how some of humanity’s achievements endure and thrive no matter what science offers, no matter how it shifts the fundamentals of our culture.

This week we celebrated one — there are several— with book day, an event designed to remind us of the great treasure trove so accessible to everyone. There are few things an adult can offer or a curious young person as inculcating a love of reading. It is empowering on so many levels, enriching on so many more and no matter how dystopian the future may seem it can help us make sense of our bizarre world.

Most Irish people — 71% — buy at least one book each year. Increasing that figure is a slow-burn, below-the-radar way to change our world for the better. Be part of that positivity by buying a book for someone you love.

It is one of the most powerful things you can do.

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