A dirty business - Council considers dog ban

In the grand scheme of things, it may not matter as much as Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s decision to assume the presidency of that superpower indefinitely; nor may it matter as much as yesterday’s ruling by a German court that polluting vehicles can be banned from city centres but the prospect of Cork County Council banning dogs from some public areas because dog owners do not clean up after pavement-fouling pets is pretty as revealing as it is shameful.

That a blanket ban may be necessary because some of us are unable to accept that public places are not dog toilets shows us in a pretty bad a light, as does our seemingly incurable indifference to roadside littering. Why are we such vandals? Why are we so blind to the consequences of our actions?

In our time-poor world, dogs are often kept in environments where they cannot be cared for properly. The need

for this ban suggests that too many of us are not aware of the obligations involved in keeping an animal in a community setting. This needs to change as does our indifference to the basic manners that would ensure cleaner footpaths.

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