Letter to the Editor: Brexit is a declaration of economic war on Europe

In his article of July 27 Daniel McConnell questions the decision of the Irish Government to force the backstop issue so vehemently in the Brexit negotiations.

The real question is does the Government have any other option?

The EU is the most advanced effort at international cooperation in the world.

That in a continent which experienced centuries of imperialist/totalitarian wars.

The vote for Brexit is, therefore, a very significant historical occurrence.

It is a vote to tear up an agreement signed with nearly 30 European democracies in a continent with a history of conflict. That agreement involved co-operating in matters of mutual interest including a customs union and the freedom of movement of people.

Brexit is also a vote to tear up the Good Friday Agreement which the UK signed with this former colony. It results in the re-imposition of the border. The agreement had drawn a line under centuries of colonial rule and had resulted in an open border.

Brexit is, therefore, essentially a declaration of economic war on fellow Europeans and especially on present day democracies which were former colonies.

Some of these democracies were up to relatively recently colonies of the Soviet Union.

The threat to ignore the negotiations which have already taken place and to declare no deal is at the extreme end of this anti-EU attitude.

It is indefensible as the damage caused to all concerned will last a long time and could have worldwide consequences.

Brexit co-operates with the agenda of people like Putin, Trump and European fascists to dismantle the EU.

Re-imposition of the iron curtain, the UK being a virtual 51st state of the US and a boost for fascist tendencies in Europe could be some of the consequences.

Doing anything other than giving total support to opposing this agenda and therefore giving total support to the backstop condition in the agreement would be hard to justify. Contrary to what Daniel McConnell is saying, therefore, it is not open to question.

A Leavy
Dublin 13

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