Look around Europe — can you tell me World War I is over?

Thousands of Greeks fleeing by sea from Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey, driven out by the armies of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk). Picture: Topical Press Agency/Getty

Among the worst atrocities carried out in the so-called inter-war period happened during the tussle for territory between the Greeks and Turks, writes Victoria White

WE’VE spent this year commemorating the end of the First World War as it is were over, but it is still going on. The centenaries of post-war struggles, such as those in Greece, Turkey, the Arab countries, and indeed in Northern Ireland will be harder to commemorate because they haunt us still.

Greece and Turkey still fight over Cyprus. And what is the crisis in the Middle East but falling shrapnel from the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the Great War?

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