SUZANNE HARRINGTON: My only WFH rule is to avoid full frontal nudity

You may have recently heard about the WSJ lecturing the WFH, and thought WTF. I certainly did. 

I mean, it’s not like I read the Wall Street Journal, but its recent pronouncements on what those who Work From Home should wear — $4,000 earrings paired with $3,000 handbags, because “vanished are the days when working from home meant being invisible” — left me and countless other WFH types (or “slobby creatives”, as the WSJ calls us) scratching our unicorn onesies. Sweatpants, says the WSJ — by which they mean trackie bottoms — are not appropriate for working from home. I agree.

Why would you want to get that dressed up, when you can wear whatever you slept in, perhaps adding a blanket so your knees don’t get cold? In fact, if you have a laptop, why get out of bed at all? Why such formal verticality?

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