SUZANNE HARRINGTON: I’ve had enough of red lines and backstops

Suzanne Harrington talks us through BBB — Brexit Bollocks Bingo.

To distract ourselves from the prospect of wrestling each other to the ground in Tesco for the last bunch of post-Brexit bananas, and everything kicking off again in the North like the Good Friday Agreement never happened, let’s play BBB — Brexit Bollocks Bingo. Think of it as a form of occupational therapy. And spare a thought for we Irish and other long-suffering EU citizens who live in Brexitland, having to listen to this bullshit on a loop from every media outlet, every single day, forever and ever.

Brexiteer:Sounds quite fun and swashbuckling, perhaps involving galloping horses, until you remember it’s a collection of wealthy men hellbent on furthering their own interests. See Dyson, Wetherspoons, Boris Johnson.

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