Who will put our house(s) in order?

A sales sign at the Bru na Sionna estate, where owners will have to pay €4m to bring their homes up to a proper fire safety standard. Picture: Eamon Ward

DON’T you just love those ads on TV that fill you with that warm, fuzzy feeling about life and love? The ones in which the camera follows individuals, couples, or families along the arc of life, while the background music plays soft and low.

There are moving shots of the various rituals: A school concert, a wedding, a retirement do, a couple hunting for furniture for their new nest. There are tears and laughter and hints of love: Romantic love, parental love, the love for your fellow man and woman, the love of life.

As the narrative sucks you in, you begin to wonder: What is being advertised here? What product can credibly be flogged on the back of this warm, fuzzy feeling? Is it something celestial? Would it be possible to actually buy a guardian angel to accompany you on the journey of life? Then, reality bites and the product is dropped onto the screen like a stink bomb at a party. A bank. All this for a bank. What possible connection could a bank have with all that is good and true in life?

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