If a show is greater than 20 hours the show-runners should be compelled by law to end it properly

So there you have it. ‘Game-a-Thrones’ is over. If you don’t want to read spoilers, look away now. However, if you like spoilers so much you spent all your credit union loan (that you got to start a digital marketing business) attaching one to a Cinquecento so that it looks like a small, underpowered, metal whale, then this is the place for you.

Actually before we go on, you can read this bit if you don’t want spoilers.

One of the best things about the series finale was that they SANG the theme tune at the end. That was a lovely touch given that fans have been singing the theme tune for years.

GAAAAME OF THROHOHOHONES, gameaTHRONES ...throhones gameathrohones gamethrohones

Aside from that, a lot of people were dissatisfied. Some character’s choices just didn’t make sense: Arya went to the Gaeltacht. Jon Snow went to find himself, Denaerys had a removal but no funeral. Several people got promoted into management roles just because they were recognisable actors. All pull.

But what struck me was the depth of the feeling amongst the audience at how it ended. The sense of outrage the ending wasn’t what people thought it was. It was the largest howl of anger I can remember. People feel betrayed. Like they have been led somewhere and abandoned with no sense of closure.

There have been precedents. Those who followed Lost and then get lost and unfollowed. The ending of Dexter was of Leaving Cert English Paper 1 essay level.

The question is — do we have any rights here? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Also, I am reluctant to amplify my own criticism too much. 

As someone who sometimes makes things for others to watch, read or listen to, I live in constant fear of someone’s criticism. It is a very contradictory existence. 

Critics who don’t like what I’ve done, be they an eminent critic person who does this for a living or username @ynwa32331 on twitter; they are obviously bad humans who think arses and elbows are identical.

Those who praise me, on the other hand, are saints who probably also have bee-hotels and help people out with jump leads. Yet it’s the opinions of those who are negative that I value and treasure and hoard like a basket of cursed berries.

But still though, with that said, Game-a-thrones, this season — lads it could have been a lot better.

It is said the show-runners were keen to move onto something else and needed to tie things up and didn’t want to do another series. But we suffered because of it. I think the anger is that we the viewer had put a good bit work into it. 

We had invested in it, talked about it at weddings, as a way of breaking the ice in between the ceremony and the meal. We laughed at memes. You know, the whole gamut of the human experience. In that case I think we need protection for our investment. I propose a TV guarantee. 

If a show is greater than three or four series long or say 20 hours then the show-runners should be compelled by law to end it properly. We should be given statutory notice and a decent redundancy period to allow all outstanding plots to be worked through to conclusion. 

You can’t just suddenly get from one end of kingdom to another in helicopter-time having spent months covering the same distance earlier on.

If someone has spent ages how to be faceless, they must use it at least once. A guy can’t be just king because he can act like a crow.

We have responsibilities too. We should have to prove we have consumed the TV show legally and not from a website like www.DFGDFGDFDF.stolen, a site where, for every hour you spent watching TV, you spent an hour closing BETFAIR windows.

Absolutely no one on any side will like my solution. Which means it’s a good one.

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