Wakey, wakey: Alarm clock gets a stylish makeover

Wakey, wakey: Alarm clock gets a stylish makeover
The Anker Soundcore Wakey is more than just an alarm clock and offers lots in terms of features, sound quality and stylish good looks.

There was a time when everyone owned and used an alarm clock, but thanks to the functions and features of the mobile phone over the last 20 years, there’s no need for one anymore ... or is there?

The radio alarm clock was one of those gadgets that were so popular back in the day and now you can relive your past with the features and functions of modern technology in the form of the Anker Soundcore Wakey.

The Wakey is, in essence, a Bluetooth speaker that also happens to be an alarm clock with a digital LED display for showing the time. I love the classic digital font used for the numerical digits, which is clearly visible behind the fabric-covered speaker on the front. The rest of the Wakey is made from a soft satin white plastic material. The design and form factor is stylish and modern and wouldn’t look out of place in a house full of Apple products.

Below the display are six soft-touch buttons that don’t have any tactile response but do light up when pressed. The first is the FM radio, then volume down, then a play/pause button, volume up, Bluetooth and finally, the alarm selector.

Around the back are two breather holes for the speakers, a power port, two USB ports for charging devices like mobile phones, a 3.5mm AUX-in jack and a port for the supplied FM aerial. The Wakey comes with a pretty beefy power supply meaning you don’t need multiple chargers beside your bed at night for charging if that’s something you’re in the habit of doing.

On the top of the Wakey is a circular pad for wireless charging. This provides charging for Qi-compatible devices at up to 10W. During my times of testing, I tried a lot of different phones on the wireless charger and it works really well for both fast wireless charging

Samsung, Huawei and iPhone devices. It will work with any Qi-compatible devices including some headphones cases like the Galaxy Buds. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch doesn’t support being charged by the Wakey since it uses a proprietary charging system. However, the Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch can be charged on the Wakey wireless charging pad.

You can use the Wakey as a standard Bluetooth speaker and as such, it does a great job. The sound quality is impressive considering how compact the speaker is. There’s also good volume and it doesn’t sound tiny or get distorted at high volume. Bass is good, but not surprisingly, it’s not going to blow you away. Thanks to the 3.5mm jack on the back you can also use the Wakey to listen to audio from devices that don’t have Bluetooth, which is a nice to have feature.

Although you can do most things through the controls on the Wakey, it has a companion app, Soundcore. This allows you to create up to 15 alarms, save up to eight FM radio stations and play the Superior Sleep audio feature. The latter allows you to use a mix of ambient sounds that are supposed to help you sleep. There are eights different sounds including wind, waves, water drops, birds, chimes, trains, ticking clock and farm sounds to choose from. You can turn each on or off individually as well as control the volume for each. Honestly, who can fall asleep to the sound of a clock ticking? Seriously! Not everyone will find this feature useful, but some will love it.

The time is large and easy to read in the middle of the night if you’re half asleep. You can set Wakey’s backlight to turn off after a set amount of minutes up to 30 or to never. The backlight has five steps of brightness or you can choose to set it to auto-brightness

At £99 from amazon.co.uk the Soundcore Wakey isn’t cheap, but you get a lot in terms of features, sound quality and good looks.

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