This new camera flash automatically knows where to point for the best picture

If you struggle with flash photography, then Canon is hoping it has the answer.

The new Speedlite 470EX-AI flash is the first with AI Bounce, a function that helps the flash work out exactly where to point itself to ensure it provides the best lighting for your picture.

The flash works on a motor, assessing the light conditions and the distance of the subject before pointing itself at a spot on the ceiling from where its light will bounce.


Canon says the flash will benefit photo enthusiasts hoping to learn about lighting as well as the more experienced pros, providing particular benefits for photographers alternating between landscape and portrait.

There is an option for more experienced photographers to set the flash to their own preferred settings and have it automatically revert to these at the touch of a button.

The wireless optical receiver function allows the flash to be used at distances of up to 10 metres from the camera as well, while it recharges to full power as quickly as 3.5 seconds depending on the battery type.

The 470EX-AI will be available from April at a recommended selling price of £499.99.

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