The best and worst games inspired by TV shows

The best and worst games inspired by TV shows

Gaming and television have long remained hugely popular forms of entertainment chosen by millions of people across the world who love the qualities that come with immersing themselves in a virtual world, or watching their favourite programmes. Game developers are always searching for innovative angles and genres in which to explore and produce big-selling games that captivate its intended audience. It was, therefore, always inevitable that a link would be formed between the two in order to appease the demand for games based on popular television shows to be produced on their preferred devices.

Titles inspired by television shows have grown in popularity in recent years, with consoles, handheld devices and PCs receiving a range of games that incorporate the gripping storylines and relatable characters that television continues to produce. Mr Smith Casino is one of many online casinos who have embraced popular shows and integrated them amongst the wide range of online slots they offer, with the Sopranos and Game of Thrones available as slot games which include features that may attract fans of the show into playing. Although these type of games could not be further away from the actual plot or purpose of the television show it is based upon, there are others that have enjoyed instant success within the gaming community.

Telltale lead from the front Telltale Games continues to enjoy a rise in popularity through their niche concept of linear gaming that provides gamers with something completely new. They have taken click-and-play to a whole new level through two big-selling titles that have really caught the imagination of gamers who are big fans of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Both shows have a cult following through enthralling storylines that keep viewers on the edge of their seat, with plot twists and dramatic scenes creating the level of emotions that come with surviving in a zombie apocalypse or battling for leadership. These qualities have been integrated into both console and PC-based games, with Telltale Games incorporating the ability to make decisions that not only change the relationships with other characters, but also have a big bearing on who lives and who dies. Certain decisions also have to be made on instinct to create the realistic tension that is evident in both television series, making their successful integration into the gaming world unsurprising.

Most unusual games Slot games arguably contain the most unusual adaptations of television shows and films that have little relevance to its plot, but it is illustrative of their success that they are able to branch out into the gaming industry. However, another game that does not show much resemblance to the television show it is based upon is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood which is available as a downloadable app on mobile and tablet devices. It is loosely based upon the hit television series Keeping up with the Kardashians, but predominately focuses on the life and career of Kim Kardashian as she looks to become even more famous. Gamers are able to complete jobs, parade at catwalk events and hang out with their friends, but the title does not include any of the personal interaction with other members of Kim’s family. Although the game may have been a huge hit in the download market as it creates a feeling of what it is like to be Kim Kardashian, it is far removed from a television series that follows the family’s every moment.

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