Tech Now: Gaming headsets and Eco-friendly wipes

Tech Now: Gaming headsets and Eco-friendly wipes

Eco-friendly wipes

I’ve been looking for things to clean ever since I got the Moshi TeraGlove, a cleaning cloth designed to help remove dust, dirt, stains, and smears from any display or touch screen. It comes with an empty fine spray bottle that you can fill with clean water. The square-shaped pad has a unique design where it can turn inside-out to reveal a grey suede-like inner layer meant for wiping away dust particles. An eco-friendly design means no chemicals or chemical treatments are used in the cleaning solution or cloth.

Moshi Tera Glove
Moshi Tera Glove

I’ve used the TeraGlove on all sorts of surfaces like laptops, phones, iPad, my mirrorless cameras and lenses, spectacles and even my TV. I love that it doesn’t require any chemicals like those found in non-eco friendly throw away wipes.

I found I didn’t need the water spray too often, but if there’s dirt stuck on a screen a little spray on the cloth first and you’re done a few wipes later. Every so often you can even chuck it in the washing machine to keep it clean.

Available now from €19.95

Gaming Headphones

TrustGXT Gaming Headset
TrustGXT Gaming Headset

The Trust GXT 488 Forze Gaming Headset is officially licensed for PlayStation 4 with a powerful sound that is finely tuned for gaming. It features a stylish design that matches PS4 so it not only sounds good but looks the part too.

It uses large 50mm speakers that are loud and provide a wide immersive sound stage which makes FPS games feel more open and larger than life.

It uses a strong braided cable that is 1.2m long and features inline volume and mic mute controls. It plugs into the PS4s DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller using the 3.5mm headphone jack which also means you can use these on other devices that have the same jack.

Honestly, these sound way better than the price tag would suggest and not just for gaming.

The headphones themselves are large but light and comfortable, even for long sessions. The mic is nicely adjustable and sounded clear and distinct to my comrades in battle.

The Trust GXT 488 Forze comes in black, blue camo and grey camo. £34.95 (€40)

EKSA E900 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset

Another impressive gaming headset that won’t break the bank is the EKSA E900, developed by pro gamers and game designers. You get stereo sound, clear treble and deep bass audio utilising its 50mm neodymium speaker drivers.

EKSA E900 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset
EKSA E900 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset

These headphones can accurately identify the location of various sounds, whether it is a gentle footstep or an enemy gunshot in games. I played all genres of games and they sound fantastic but not just for gaming. I was really surprised at how good they sound while listening to music taking into account how much they cost.

I had great fun trying out the E900s in games like Shadow Tomb Raider on PC where I could experience the expansive audio range. In particular, the bass is thumping, but not overpowering which is an achievement when considering these are open-back cans. This is an advantage because you can still hear sounds around you. However, it also means there’s sound leakage, so people around you will hear the sound coming from the headphones too.

The E900s come with a detachable high-sensitivity and flexible microphone with omnidirectional noise reduction and isolating ambient background noise. You get in-line controls for volume adjustment and a one-button microphone mute switch. The cable is shielded with a rubber-type material and is plenty long. The mic quality is outstanding and these headphones are also excellent for video calls.

Overall build quality is excellent and EKSA are willing to back up their hardware with an incredible two-year manufacturer warranty.

I found them nice and light to wear, even for long gaming sessions and thanks to breathable super-soft protein foam earmuffs and an adjustable headband that also has a generous amount of foam.

The E900 Stereo headset uses a fixed 3.5mm audio cable, making it compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and any device with a 3.5mm jack including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The headset is packaged together with a black carry pouch and 3.5mm cable splitter for additional functionality.

Available now £35 (€40)

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