Minut smart alarm offers versatile solutions

Minut smart alarm offers versatile solutions
The Minut Smart Alarm scans for a variety of issues in the home — alerting you to anything from motion detection to mould risks.

The smart home of the future is already here and is more affordable than ever. Each week new products hit the market providing consumers with greater choice and flexibility at more affordable prices.

I’ve been testing the Minut Smart Home Alarm, a small device that features motion detection and has built-in sensors for temperature, sound, air pressure and humidity and can detect if there’s a risk of mould in the room or place it’s installed. All of these sensors provide values that can be read from the free Minut app on your phone.

The motion detection alarm is ideal for a lot of scenarios. In particular, this could be a handy feature for those who cohabitate in a house or flat and you want to keep your private space well, private.

The Minut is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but unfortunately, not IFTTT or Apple’s HomeKit. However, commands are limited to things like turning on and off the alarm.

There’s no camera, which may sway those with privacy concerns about the potential risk of someone hacking into a camera stream.

The unit itself is small, a little taller than most smoke alarms but smaller overall. I installed it on the ceiling in my hallway which took all of 10 minutes. In the box, you’ll find a USB charging cable and a magnetic mounting plate with double-sided tape. It also comes with screws for a more permanent install.

The Minut device has an LED ring light that changes colour for different scenarios. If it detects motion, the ring will flash white and it will beep quietly for 45-second after which it ramps up to an ear-piercing 85dB siren and the LED will flash red.

You can turn off the alarm via the Minut app, Alexa or Google Home. The LED ring can be used as a handy night-light and a status indicator that glows green when everything is good and red when there may be an issue such as high or low temperature and humidity readings.

Minut smart alarm offers versatile solutions

You can also set a silent alarm and only get immediate notification when movement is detected without triggering the siren.

Setting up the Minut is straightforward and doesn’t require technical knowledge other than connecting a device to a wifi network.

The micro USB-C port is for charging the internal batteries and these should be good for up to six months. The base holds an On/Off switch and two tiny status indicators for battery charging and network connectivity.

The Minut is always connected to wifi and can send instant alerts when it detects motion — as long as you arm it for such. It can also send alerts for high or low temperature and humidity. Additional features that you can turn on or off include Window Break detection — get notified if it detects the sound of a window breaking — this will drain the battery a little quicker. Alarm recognition — it listens for sounds like other alarms going off including smoke or even other security alarms. Within the settings, you can configure the thresholds of sound, temperature and humidity and you can choose whether or not you want to get notified.

A few additional features include a nightlight, which can be set up to light up the Minut LED ring light when it detects motion at a predefined block of time. Other notifications include a risk of mould growth (this takes at least one week to show up after the install) or when it detects someone trying to tamper with the unit.

With the basic Minut account, you get 90 days of sensor history and you can monitor multiple devices. However, for €7.99 a month, you get unlimited sensor history, you can add multiple homes and multiple users as well as the ability to setup a Smart Neighbourhood Watch system with others, which provides family and friends access to your device and account.

Guest members of your account will also get alerts if an alarm is not acknowledged after the 45-second grace period has expired and the built-in instant messaging system within the Minut app.

Overall, the Minut is a discrete device that doesn’t intrude unless an alarm is triggered. It can be installed almost anywhere with ease and provides ease of use via the app and has excellent features for the money. Highly recommended.

€149, with free shipping from minut.com

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