Marvel at this iPhone X optical illusion that turns the screen into a 3D chasm

A Swedish artist has created an optical illusion app that made the screen of his iPhone X look like a deep hole.

Peder Norrby posted a video of his creation on Twitter, following up with an explainer video on how he created it.

In his explainer, Norrby revealed that he used Apple’s ARKit – software that enables developers to build augmented reality (AR) experiences – combined with the iPhone X’s face-tracking technology to create the illusion in an app he calls The Parallax View.

By tracking the movement of a user’s head and therefore their field of view, the onscreen image is able to move and maintain the 3D illusion on the screen.

Norrby said the app was currently being submitted for entrance into the App Store and was being reviewed by Apple, as is standard procedure for new apps.

The artist has also now posted the source code to create the app to open source site GitHub to enable other developers to create versions of it for themselves.

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