GameTech: What to give the gamer in your life

This year, if you hear bells at Christmas maybe you should stop subscribing to so many YouTube channels?

Or perhaps those are alarm bells you hear, as you panic-buy a gamer gift?

If you are still hunting for a gaming present, we’ve got you covered. Below are some last-minute suggestions.

Steam giftcard

If your loved one is a PC gamer, let them blow off some steam with a gift card for the world’s biggest digital game store. Steam has a monopoly over PC gaming and is home to thousands upon thousands of PC games to purchase. With a winter sale starting tomorrow and lasting a few weeks, there will be countless games available for cheap — meaning even €20 can go a long way. Steam gift cards are digital and readily available online, but they only work on PCs and not home consoles like PlayStations.

PlayStation Classic

Sony’s PlayStation Classic is a mini version of the original PlayStation in the style of Nintendo’s similar ‘classic’ series. It connects to modern TVs and comes with 20 games stored on the console, ready to play. While these games aren’t all exactly the cream of the crop, there are some that really live up to the classic name, including Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Syphon Filter, and Wild ARMs. A PlayStation Classic will cost you €99.99.

Monopoly Fortnite

OK so we know absolutely nothing about this one except that it exists. But we are willing to bet that Monopoly Fortnite is a game of Monopoly, using Fortnite names and characters. (Genius deduction, you’ll agree). With Fortnite stealing your children away from you, what better way to lure them back to family time than with a board game disguised as a video game? You can buy Monopoly Fortnite for around €44,99.

Quality headphones or headset

If your gamer doesn’t already own a decent set of headphones, consider buying them a comfortable pair. There are two benefits to this: They will hear music and sound in gaming like never before, and you’ll get some peace and quiet in the living room as a bonus. If your gamer likes to play online, get them a quality headset with connected microphone to make chatting with friends more enjoyable.


We hate to admit it, but modern games are full of ‘extras’ that you can pay for after the full game has already been purchased. Games like Fifa, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Red Dead Redemption Online all contain microtransactions that allow you buy things like better players, new outfits and even make the game shorter and easier in the case of

Odyssey. Most people will struggle to allow themselves to pay for such things so why not give your gamer permission to spend a certain amount, like €20, towards whatever pointless extra they secretly desire?

New controller

Controllers (or joypads as they can be known) tend to get worn down and lose their ‘feel’. The standard colours can get a bit boring too.

Take a look at your loved one’s controllers and consider buying them a new one. It’s the equivalent of a new pair of football boots or a fresh set of tyres on the car.

Just make sure to get them the correct controller for their console — PlayStation controllers won’t work on Xboxes and vice versa. So control yourself. The average cost of a controller is around €60.

A console they don’t have

This verges into expensive territory, but if your gamer owns a PlayStation or Xbox, considering getting them a Nintendo Switch — and the reverse is also true. Many gamers tend to stick with one console out of habit, but they certainly won’t be unhappy to receive another one. Play-Station and Xbox consoles tend to have very similar games, but the Nintendo Switch offers a different catalogue. Think of it like giving a Netflix user the gift of Amazon Prime access. It’s more of what they already love.

Don’t buy... a game

Yes, you read correctly. Don’t buy your loved one a game unless you know exactly what they want. It doesn’t matter what the shop assistant says, because only your gamer will know what they enjoy and want to play. Returning a game won’t get your gamer the full value back, so instead play it safe and buy them a voucher, allowing them to make the choice themselves.

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