Fortnite success continues with more than 200 million registered users

Fortnite is continuing to take the gaming world by storm with a rapid rise in registered users.

The survival multiplayer title now has 200 million registered players, up 60% in just six months.

Though the numbers do not necessarily mean all players are active, the sharp increase from 125 million in June will be cause for celebration for Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games.

The company has also confirmed that the number of gamers playing at the same time has peaked at 8.3 million, providing the clearest indication of Fortnite’s popularity.

Footballer Dele Alli is among the 200 million people who play Fortnite (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“Fortnite’s success is understandable considering it has not only gripped the imagination of traditional, hardcore gamers, but celebrities, children, even their parents too,” said Rik Henderson, senior editor of technology and gaming news website Pocket-Lint.

“It has transcended gaming thanks to a combination of its free-to-play mechanics, cartoonish graphical style and availability over a vast number of platforms – most notably on mobile, offering access to casual players without consoles or computers. Even its in-game emotes have become worldwide dance trends.

“Gaming is undoubtedly becoming more widely accepted in society today and the continued success of games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Pokemon Go helps prove that games are becoming more accepted as valid forms of family entertainment.”

Fortnite has become a global phenomenon since its arrival in September 2017, attracting the likes of Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli and rapper Drake.

- Press Association

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