Fantastic mouse for general purpose use

Fantastic mouse for general purpose use

One of the most important things we hook up to our computers is often the thing we give the least amount of effort into buying.

Too often, we just use the really cheap one that came with the computer and suffer on in ignorance. Of course, I’m referring to the mouse that an office worker will click on average 5,000 times day.

I’ve been using the new Microsoft gaming mouse the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse.

I remember using the original which was first introduced in 1996, and though Microsoft didn’t invent the scroll wheel, the IntelliMouse was what made it popular thanks to Windows and Office support for the feature.

The new Pro IntelliMouse has a distinct look to it that harkens back to the original and classic design.

This a serious gaming mouse that may not have all the bells and whistles of the custom button chaos you’ll see in over-the-top gaming mice, but where it really matters, under the hood, is precise and responsive tracking.

In terms of the ergonomics, the Pro Intellimouse is simple, but effective in providing a good surface area and shape for comfort.

During hours of use, I never felt my hand getting cramped. Size and shape are also key attributes for control and not just for gaming. I used the mouse for gaming, general office tasks and also photo editing.

For the latter, I always look for a gaming mouse because they’re generally more precise and offer better ergonomics. I also love that the Pro IntelliMouse features a thick braided cable.

Although I haven’t used an IntelliMouse in a long time, I could remember the distinctively satisfying clicky sounds you get from the mouse. Along with the typical left and right mouse buttons, you also get two custom buttons on the left side.

These are textured and rubbered to make them easier to find and use which is a feature especially useful during intense gaming sessions. Between the left and right mouse buttons is the scroll wheel, which can also click down, doubling up as an extra custom button.

There’s no crazy RGB lighting setup but the tail, where your palm rests does have a subtle LED light strip.

This can add to the ambience and mood but to use it, you have to download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard centre software first.

Here you will not only be able to change the lighting colour, but also the resolutions (dpi), custom buttons for general use or for specific applications or games and performance settings.

Overall, the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a fantastic mouse for general use

including precise creative work, intense FPS gaming and general office use where ergonomics is important.

Available from €60.

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