Animation kit teaches you how to make your own colourful flipbooks

Stop-motion animator Andy Bailey has created a Kickstarter to help people create their own flipbook animations at home.

The kit, which contains a light pad, four paper stacks, USB power cords, binding screws and a printed flipbook, has smashed its fundraising target on the website.

The pack helps anybody to easily trace, draw and animate a full flipbook design.

Bailey is well known for his animation, and takes to social media to showcase his own flipbooks. He has also made tutorials for people of any skill level to learn.

Bailey, who has animated on ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, and Missing Link, said: “I had a teacher who showed us how to make a simple flipbook one day in class, and I loved it and went home and immediately made my own.

“There was something magical about seeing a drawing come to life right there in front of me… Any time I saw stop-motion animation I got excited and wanted to do it myself.

“Give it a try even if you don’t think you can draw well. Draw something that makes you laugh or smile. Don’t worry at all about perfection. Have fun. Just keep creating and you will get better.”

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Andymation’s Flipbook Kit has raised over 55,000 US dollars (£41,000) of its 45,000 dollar (£33,000) fundraising goal.

Kickstarter backers can purchase the full animation kit for a discounted price of 42 dollars (£31).

The Kickstarter rewards are currently estimated to ship in November.

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