13 beauty apps that will airbrush your selfies to fake perfection

Who needs Photoshop, teeth whiteners or plastic surgery when there are a million apps out there that will make you look as flawless as Beyonce or Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue magazine?

Thanks to app developers cashing on our visceral need to transform ourselves into perfect examples of flawless beauty, our smartphones are now armed with tools to make us look taller, skinnier (thigh gaps included), and completely pimple and freckle-free.

Here are a few apps that will help you achieve fake perfection with a simple slide of a touchscreen button.

1. FaceTune

FaceTune’s wide range of powers include removing wrinkles, whitening teeth, covering bald spots with hair, making pimples magically disappear and reshaping your face and body to make you slimmer and taller.

It was also named one of App Store’s Best of 2013 apps.

2. SkinneePix

This app detects your facial features – and then claims to shave 15lbs off your face for a mere 79p.

“SkinneePix helps you edit your selfies to look 5, 10 or 15 lbs… healthier in two quick clicks on your phone,” says their website, adding their motto is mainly to help people lose weight by showing what they would look like if they were 15lbs lighter.

3. Golden Beauty Meter

Get ready to get your beauty judged. This app will scan your selfie and give you a score out of 10 after analysing your measurements.

According to the developers: “This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true beauty measuring functionality.”

Although this is not an airbrushing app, it will probably make you want to airbrush your selfies before you put them to test.

4. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus will get rid of your acne, make you taller and slimmer, and make your eyes look brighter among a host of other photo-retouching options.

This Asian beauty app comes with a “whitening” feature – so you can significantly lighten your skin tone should you choose to do so.

5. moreBeaute2

This app will “brighten, lighten your skin tone and smooth your skin in two easy steps”.

Who needs botox and cosmetic surgeons and all those creams and potions that promise to make your skin look better? Unless of course, you want to get out in the real world and can’t possibly hide behind your filters and airbrushing.

6. CreamCam

CreamCam will make your face look so bright and so smooth, you’ll look like an airbrushed model on a magazine (and who doesn’t want that?).

But will this airbrushed look really work on those candid, in-the-moment Instagram photos? Probably not…

7. Photo wonder

Among a host of editing tools, Photo wonder’s “beautify” section promises to make your eyes bigger (except the results make you look more like a freaky doll rather than a doe-eyed damsel), shape your legs to make them look thinner and longer, and rather controversially, enlarge your breasts.

8. Beauty Booth

Beauty Booth’s main aim is to make your eyes sparkle like an animated manga cartoon character and comes with several free and paid-for preset beauty filters.

This app has got a face detection system, which is pretty cool. And fake sparkly eyes? Not so much.

9. FaceLab

This app will literally do a digital plastic surgery on your face.

FaceLab promises to “reshape your face refine jaw lines, heighten cheek bones and brows, reshape your nose and enlarge or shrink specific areas of the image”.

It will “restore the flawless skin you were born with” and has the option to add make-up to your face. Only if we could do this in the real world.

10. YouCam Perfect

Skin smoother, blemish remover, face reshaper, nose enhancer, eye enlarger, leg lengthener – you name it, this app has it.

YouCam Perfect will also add contours to your face and remove eye bags and allow you to connect with like-minded airbrush addicts through its social community – the Beauty Circle.

11. ModiFace

ModiFace has a range of photo-editing apps which, collectively, have been downloaded more than 27 million times. Some apps are actually quite helpful and offer make-up simulation – which is great if you want test a new make-up look.

And like most beauty apps, you’ll also be able to airbrush yourself to have larger eyes, whiter teeth, slimmer face and body, and blemish-free skin. You can also alter your bone structure significantly and end up looking like a human barbie.

12. Perfect365

Perfect365 describes itself as a “one-tap makeover solution” and boasts over 55 million users and counting.

“Get the complexion of a model with tools that let you soften skin, banish blemishes, erase under-eye circles, whiten teeth and much more,” says developer ArcSoft Inc.

Your retouched image might end up looking nothing like you, but does anyone care?

13. Visage Lab

Visage Lab says it is “a professional beauty laboratory for your facial photos” and aims to “remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds with all operations made automatically”.

This app can also perform digital surgeries on multiple people in one go which, we suppose, is good if you’ve got group selfies to edit.

Obviously there are many more apps like these out there. So next time you see a #sogorgeous #lookingflawless selfie on the internet, you know it’ll probably be #toogoodtobetrue.

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