'Very clear' where Cork need to go from here, says Ronan McCarthy

The work begins on Monday was the message from Ronan McCarthy as Cork look to move on from back-to-back Championship drubbings.

McCarthy refused to go into details about exactly what is needed for Cork to recover from this latest embarrassment but he insisted he and his management team had a clear idea about the path forward.

“I have my own ideas on it that I’m not going sharing now,” he said.

“After the first year, I’m very clear in my mind where I need to go here and where we need to go but I’m not going to share that.”

Losing to Kerry and Tyrone by a combined 33 points reflected terribly on Cork, who now have a major rebuilding process ahead of them.

“What I would say is that a lot of people pointed to the three-year term,” he said.

“We were very clear with the players that we wanted to get as much as we could out of this year. I think the danger with three-year terms is that three years down the line you may not have made much progress so you have to try and get the most out of the year and we felt after Tipp, we had a mixed league and there was a lot of kind of people making excuses for us about injuries and everything else and players not being available.

“We then beat Tipp and got a bit of momentum and it’s disappointing that we haven’t built on the momentum we got from Tipp.

“That said, look it has to be also said about the players that they’re a very, very honest group of players, they train extremely hard. They don’t deserve what has happened out there but that’s life and you don’t always get what you deserve and that’s it.”

“The basics of commitment and training, dedication and work and everything else are there but they’re not coming out on the pitch and therefore we must go a different way.”

McCarthy didn’t agree the heavy loss to Kerry had affected Cork this evening.

“I’d look at it very differently. I felt that when I was playing and you got a beating like that, you were out of the Championship. There was no chance to recover.

“Here, you know, we had two weeks, a chance, a real opportunity to set ourselves up. I don’t think so but even if it did knock the confidence out of them, you still have to come out and go out and perform and unfortunately, it hasn’t happened again.”

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