Ultimate Twitter banter: Bayern Munich 1 - Manchester United fan 0

We’ve got a Twitter battle for you, and it’s a corker.

With the Champions League knock-out stages just a week away, the competition’s official Twitter account naturally posted the schedule for next week’s first batch of round-of-16 games.

Which – again, naturally – one of Bayern Munich’s official accounts confidently posted a GIF of David Alaba and Franck Ribery dabbing.

But then things got interesting, when a Manchester United fan decided he wasn’t impressed with the Bayern players’ dance moves.

Sadly for the United fan though, this rebuttal presented Bayern with an opportunity they were not going to miss.

Oh snap.

Quite why the United fan chose to speak out with his team in Uefa’s secondary competition we don’t know – but then another Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen got involved too.

A clearly upset United fan then decided the only way he could deal with the whole ordeal better would be if English club Arsenal – who visit Bayern next week – can nab the points.

But incredibly Leverkusen were on hand again to support the team at the top of the Bundesliga.

Of course Leverkusen’s intervention into the whole thing was met with some cynicism considering their current position is 9th in the Bundesliga.

But they weren’t going to let the haters get them down.

And, as a true mark of solidarity, Bayern showed they were very appreciative of their fellow German club’s support.

Hilarious and heart-warming – we told you it was a corker.

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