This goalkeeper somehow managed to mistake the penalty spot for the ball

Goalkeepers, more than any other player on a football pitch, will likely have a few clips to add to their blooper reel by the end of their careers.

The position just lends itself to unfortunate slip ups – whether it’s failing to control a back pass, passing it directly to an opposition player, letting the ball roll under you – every mistake is potentially disastrous.

Luckily for Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner, his wasn’t – but it’s still likely the funniest thing you’ll see this season.

Somehow the goalie managed to mistake the penalty spot for the ball, letting the ball roll on past him as he searched for a teammate, only realising when his kick made contact with nothing but air.

Incredibly Borussia Monchengladbach, who were 1-0 down at the time, couldn’t take advantage of the error – but they’ll all no doubt have had a laugh about it after the game.

The game finished a draw, but nobody will be forgetting it for a while.

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