The NBA Slam Dunk Contest: DJ Khaled, an Intel drone and some very, very big jumps

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest provides some light relief in a sport as intense as any other, and while this year’s failed to grab the audience’s collective imagination, there was still an impressive array of dunks on show.

DJ Khaled Snapchatting while setting up a dunk for DeAndre Jordan kicks things off. The commentators seem unimpressed, as if this is a regular occurrence.

Meanwhile, Glenn Robinson III, the eventual winner, provided us with some great theatre – check those reactions at the end.

How can one man jump this high? Can we check for Flubber?

This video demonstrates that there is no room for rim when it comes to the dunk, although points awarded (or deducted…) for attempting a dab.

Here’s Derrick Jones Jr showing us how to get a gorilla out of its seat.

This seems like a cool trick now, but drones are coming for your job, Aaron Gordon.

Ultimately it was Robinson whose consistency earned him the trophy – that and spectacular efforts like this…

In the words of the commentator: “Over, over, showtime, it’s over.”

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